Why Automation Is A No in Music Promotion

Music promotion is a topic that is constantly talked about. The basic idea's of promotion apply to any business or freelancer. Most people in the music industry, however, bands included, don’t know a whole lot about it. Today everything is based on the topic of social media because it’s trending. Artists gravitate to new music technologies, discovery platforms, unsigned networks, indie authorities, and crowdfunding platforms in the hope of finding the winning formula, and yet, the message generally being sent to the artists tends to do them a disservice. All but empty promises.

Most times when you use this services, your chances of getting discovered is very slim.

Social media is an essential tool in music promotion but not the only tool to be relied upon. When used correctly it can generate results.Here it is about finding a balance and not getting lost in the fray.


Is it not a good idea to outsource your music promotion to a robot? Most heavily advertised automated services are cheap and attractive to artists. It is advertised as a means by which you get your music to X number of journalists, radio hosts, and industry professionals. The rates are often less than what most publicists charge, making it even more enticing. But do the services really work? Are the emails received, or even opened by the people you expect or do they just simply end up as spam. Bear in mind, most journalists and bloggers receive dozens, if not hundreds, of real emails daily from promoters, labels and artists who either wrote the message personally or at least prepared a proper email and clicked the “send” button. How much respect do you think they have for the “easy way out”, an automated press release delivered to their inbox? You know what it’s called? Spam.

In music promotion, it's best to do some research and try to connect on a personal level with the music discovery platform/music blog you are trying to showcase your music.

Yes, it involves a lot of work, but if you do not have the budget in place to hire good publicists, it's best to take some time, do some research and self-promotion. Utilise every available opportunity to your advantage.