Why Buy a Puppy Play Pen?


Amidst the excitement of thinking about the arrival of a new puppy you will also be considering the puppy accessories that you will need to buy to make his new life as comfortable and fun as possible.  One of the accessories that is thoroughly recommended by dog experts is a puppy play pen.  Here we will discuss the different types which you could buy and the benefits of owning one.

There are three main construction materials used for making puppy play pens: metal, plastic and fabric.  The type of puppy pen that you decide to buy will depend on what you will mainly be using it for.  Most people use them to help keep their newest family member confined to one place so that he can’t get himself into dangerous situations, say by chewing wires, or inadvertently destroy household objects.  By using a pen he can be in the same room as everyone else, feeling like a member of the family, without getting into mischief.

A lot of people also put a dog kennel into their puppy pens so that their pet has somewhere comfortable to go for all the naps that a young dog needs.  A kennel will also help with house training as a dog will not want to soil an area that it considers its own territory and so will try his best to wait until you take him out of the pen and kennel.  Make sure that you take him outside frequently and give him lots of praise for going to the toilet in the right place.

If you will be taking your puppy to visit lots of friends and relatives then your best option is a fabric puppy play pen, which will weigh very little and can be collapsed down to fit into a car or when it’s not in use.

A plastic dog pen will probably suit someone who doesn’t have a lot of space or who only intends their puppy to be in it for short periods of time, say when they leave the room.  They tend to be a lot smaller than metal pens and to have special carpet protecting corners.

A metal puppy play pen is likely to be larger and more sturdy and you can also use it as a room divider or door gate to keep the puppy in a certain area.  They are still very light and easy to move from room to room but take up more space.  The advantage of a metal pen is that as the puppy grows older you will be able to put it in the garden to make a run for his outdoor dog kennel.


Dog Exercise Pen

There are numerous things that you can do to keep him entertained, safe and exercised from employing a dog walker to investing in a dog exercise pen.  Here we will discuss the uses of a dog pen to stop boredom.


Dogs are energetic animals which need plenty of exercise each day.  If they are cooped up all the time then they will start to display unwanted behaviour such as whining and barking or damaging furniture and other belongings.


Dog exercise pens are large, generally metal, structures which safely keep your dog in one place while allowing him to run around and play.  They will also protect your garden from being dug up and save you from having to block every hole and gap in your fence.  If your dog is a bit of an escape artist then you may want to invest in a pen with a roof and many people also put a dog kennel within the pen so that their dog has somewhere comfortable to sleep or just relax.


You can train a dog to use one of these from a very young age and many people invest in a puppy exercise pen so that their dog becomes accustomed to playing in it right from day one.


There are several important dog accessories which you will need to add to your dog exercise pen to ensure that your dog enjoys his time there.  One is a large water bowl which can’t easily be knocked over.  This way he will always remain well hydrated even in hot weather.  The other is a range of dog toys.  These should include toys that can exercise his jaws, such as hard, chewy toys, toys for running around with, such as balls and interactive toys.


Dog Pen

Dog pens are versatile and extremely useful for a variety of reasons and you will still find use for it once your dog is fully grown.


When your puppy is young you will use it mainly as a dog play pen.  A place where your puppy can run, play and be part of the family.  You can move it to whichever room the family is in so that the puppy feels like he’s joining in while not actually having access to things which he could damage, such as wires.  The pens are made of very lightweight metal so that they are easy to move around without risking hurting your back.