Fashion / Style :: Fall in Love with Leggings: Why You Need This Leg Wear Necessity

Love them or hate them leggings are a big part of fashion this season. If you've never worn them, you may not know what your missing. Leggings offer a comfortable alternative to pantyhose or even pants and can be great paired with a short skirt when it's cold or you're not a fan of showing to much skin. For those of you who have never experimented with leggings, the idea of owning a pair may seem a little ridiculous.

Many women, including myself at one point, take a look at this comfy fashion statement and swear they will never join the masses. If you fall into this category your not giving this seasons fabulous fashion necessity the respect it deserves. Next time you're strolling around your favorite store, I urge you to grab a pair and check into the nearest dressing room. I promise, for most of you, it will be love at first sight.

Why They Work

Leggings offer you what tights try to and what panty hose never could. Coverage. Leggins are a great way to wear your favorite short skirts, dresses, or over sized baby doll tee's without showing to much skin. If you're not a fan of your legs in a mini skirt then leggings may be the accessory for you. The right pair can work to smooth out or hide bumps and dimples that otherwise would keep you locked in your bedroom. Leggings are also a great way to keep your favorite skirts in your closet year round. While you may feel that once the weather starts to decline it's time to put away your favorite above the knee skirts, leggings will have you making extra room in your closet to accommodate some of your summer wardrobe. Leggings offer a alternative to pants and stockings which ultimately expands your fashion options. You will be able to pair dresses, longs sweaters, long shirts, etc with leggings which immediately gives you a larger wardrobe.What You Need to Know If your super curvy and want to wear leggings, you will want to stick to dark colors, particularly black. It's also a good idea to pair them with heels instead of flats. Girls with larger legs who wear leggings may find that flats paired with leggings will make their legs appear shorter and wider Unless you're super slim and ultra fashionable, stay away from bright obnoxiously colored leggings or leggings with patterns. While leggings in general can help your legs look smoother and more attractive, the wrong pair (i.e. the pairs explained above) will have you looking less spectacular and more ridiculous.Leggings and shorts are a "no no." Sure, almost anything can look good on certain people with certain body types in a particular kind of lighting, but any fashion statement that depends on so many variables to depend on should only be seen on the runway or in fashion magazines. Keep your shorts for the summer and leave your leggings for dresses and skirts.It's extremely hard to find one fashion statement that looks great on everyone. If you're trying on your leggings and you are uncomfortable, chances are that style is just not meant for you. Don't worry; there is a style out there for everyone so keep looking. Remember, confidence is the key to style so never wear something you're not comfortable in. If you're still not sure, bring a good friend and you can help each other decide on the perfect outfits.