Chelsea Winning Formula

It's almost time for end of season of many major league of soccer. Of course, many fans can't wait to see which team will win the trophy.

Nowadays, many fans focused their attention to England Premier League. Chelsea fans have prepared their club's triumph. Unstoppable pace have been seen. Within 14 matches left and 9 poin difference, Chelsea must be this England Premier League season winner. Their last winning 3-1 against Arsenal have shown their superiority against their closest Rival.

Why has Chelsea's attacking formation been unstoppable this season?

The main reason is the different tactic Conte use. He uses 3-4-3 formation, while the last manager Mourinho stay with 4-4-2. Of course, every manager have their favourite formation, and Conte play it right. However, he don't use the same formation while he was on Juventus. Let's us see why:

Hazard is not a winger nor central attacking midfielder. His position in Chelsea team is a bit forward then Costa. So, he doesn't need to track back for defence. So what he does? Chelsea counter attack play start with him. He takes position between central back and right back, and Costa play it good also. His run from left side to support the striker, so the defence focused on him, while Costa run forward and give a headache to defence team who to track.

This scramble the defence communication and make the attack so deadly. If he got cut, there is Matic / Kante to support. This play gives enough time for Hazard to get free. If you have no one track this world class player, the punishment is waiting.

Also, maybe it's the great season for Costa. He can play, dribble, score from the outbox, and good one touch finisher. While he can control his temper, he plays it right.

Pedro must be the key to scramble the defence. All he has to do is run. It's hard to mark him with his great speed. Even he's not a winger, while he play the ball, the defence must keep an eye for him and it makes some room for his teammates.

Chelsea have great side attack this season. This huge gap makes variety of play. While the center is crowded, often great offence team play at the wing side, and Chelsea did it.

Not understimating the classic 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1. But let's take a look for a while.

In 4-2-3-1 formation, Costa will be marked by 2 central back. Often with 3 if we count central defensive midfielder. Now the play from wing side will not be as deadly like before. Winger will confused who to pass, because the goal getter is heavily marked. The side back will be freely marking the winger as now they don't need to focus on the central.

What about the result? Chelsea has proved that 3-4-3 is great and Conte is the mastermind. He knows what to do with his team.  Will the Blues and Conte win the trophy this season? We'll see.

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