Optic fiber cable’s history from fiber optic manufacturer

Every product has its history and everyone has his story behind life. Do you have the interest to go into the story of optic fiber cable from fiber optic manufacturer in china? Now I will go into the heart of the optic fiber cable and find out its happiness and sadness through the whole history.


  In 1976, the American Institute in Atlanta Bell built the first experimental optical fiber communication system that uses a cable containing 144 fibers manufactured by Western Electric Company. In 1980, commercial multi-mode fiber optic cable was made by adopting the trunk and a few long-distance lines between local stations. Commercial single-mode fiber optic cable made on long-distance lines began to use in 1983. In 1988, the connection between the United States and Britain and France's first successful transatlantic submarine cable; and soon built the first submarine cable across the Pacific. China in 1978 developed a communications cable; using a multimode optical fiber, cable stranded core structure. According to the fiber optic cable supplier, soon after in the local telephone network as interoffice trunks trial, after 1984, gradually for long-distance lines, and began using single-mode fiber. Communications cable than copper cable has greater transmission capacity, long distance relay, small size, light weight, no electromagnetic interference, has developed into a long haul since 1976, the city relay, coastal and transoceanic submarine communications , as well as local area network, private network and other wired transmission line backbone, and began to field wiring local subscriber loop network development, FTTH, width generation integrated services digital network to provide a transmission line.


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