A Christian Blogger Stopped Wearing Yoga Pants For Her Husband So She Wouldn't "Entice" Men

To date, the blog entry has been shared over 69,000 times on Facebook and generated http://www.letileggings.com thousands of comments online, and it even led to Partridge defending her decision in an interview http://thezoereport.com/fashion/ on Good Morning America.

The blog entry received both support and strong criticism. Some supporters quoted Bible passages and commended her for "honouring God and her husband". One commenter said: "When a woman wears leggings and its all on show, they may as well not wearing anything from the waist down, in fact, it's probably more sexually enticing than not wearing anything from the waist down in many cases."

Meanwhile, others criticised the entry for feeding into the idea that what a women chooses to wear dictates how men behave. "How about you learn to control your thoughts?" said one commenter. "Why do women constantly need to make it easier for men?"

You can read the full blog-post here on her website. BuzzFeed News has contacted Partridge for comment.