Qingdao Hisense: LED display, transportation and communications protocol calls for standardization

Intelligent Transportation is usually a city of wisdom, contemporary landmark. Together with the assist of LED show(agapeled), intelligent transportation might be far more dynamic fashion. However, due to the lack of nationwide unity, transportation and communications protocol specifications, notably the promotion of intelligent transportation tough. Lack of transportation and communication protocol includes two elements, one is the common LED show on the product or service itself isn't uniform, as well as second would be the background Adverts integrated control technique is no uniform information distribution and communication standards.

 Detailed terms, LED site visitors display could be divided into four areas, such as urban transport, this kind of as advice display, such as public transport bus routine, highways and rail subway, the current application of additional big urban traffic and highway two blocks . As an important carrier of urban intelligent transportation and information dissemination, the significance of LED targeted traffic show is self-evident. Nonetheless, due to lack of standards, the visual appeal with the display display, entire body dimension and show design, information, along with the light fades and so there is a massive big difference, there isn't any standardized criteria.

 Hisense is an intelligent site visitors manage process integrators, we are not concerned within the manufacturing and manufacture of LED display, but is closely connected to LED site visitors display companies. Usually, following getting a visitors engineering task, the choice will be carried out Hisense display solutions to the industry so that you can pick a fantastic product. Hisense believes, trustworthy product good quality and technical means are much more aggressive compared to the selling price display manufacturer Hisense will examine 3 elements of capacity. 1st, the high-quality of products, we typically demand the usage of foreign high-quality chip and bundle, tend modular packaging and style. Followed by R & D capabilities, Hisense often need to deal directly using the show makers, solution design and style and docking in the program jointly developed between them do, so strong technical capabilities and software capabilities is often a necessary condition. Once again, on-site maintenance capabilities, screen installation, commissioning and post-maintenance test of a company's extremely responsible and attentive service, which is reflected inside the show of soft power.

 In addition to your test of LED display goods, transportation, details dissemination protocol induced no additional lies unified method integration. Integrated traffic management program is the main means of present day urban intelligent traffic management, but also the entire industry in intelligent transportation systems infrastructure and core platforms. Transportation method algorithm allows communication protocols are usually not uniform in all regions, the implementation of various projects between complicated. At present, China's intelligent transportation systems, and far more within its own program to achieve its intelligent functions, process integration between standardization work has only just begun, based on the integration with the standardization work is done.

 Currently, Hisense is actively promoting the formation along with the development of relevant specifications. Hisense long summary of practical experience, depending on the demands in the owners and all regions, we integrated set of enterprise normal protocol. Which includes specification site visitors data written content publishing platform to show products made uniform regulations; transportation and communication protocol specification to ensure the security of facts display release, accuracy, prevent bad details being released and other criminals. The future, we hope that the state Department of Transportation is usually introduced as soon as the relevant requirements, promote the standardization on the development of intelligent transport market.Get more quality standards of EN12966 led traffic screen, you can learn more about Agape Technology.TEL:+86(0)755-23884258  E-mail:[email protected]