How to maintain mohair knitwear?

Nowadays, mohair has been used more and more widely and it varies in many kinds, like flash mohair, lurex mohair, plush mohair and so on. Because the mohair plush fiber is long and soft, the maintenance of it becomes a problem for many consumers and they just wonder how to start to wash it. While if it is suffered by wrong cleaning way or maintenance, the fiber will be Shed, lodged and hardened.

In fact, mohair knitwear can not only be dry-cleaned, but also washed. If you choose to dry-clean, you can use light oil or dry cleaning agent by the method of local spray and brush, and in this way, you can clean the polluted places and keep the appearance and profile of mohair knitwear well.

If you want to wash it, you must use advanced detergent, and put it into the warm water and soak it; and then gently wash it, and clean it with silky soft agent for softening treatment. When drying, you had better use the clothes hanging nylon bag to filter the water firstly and then dry it with a coat hanger.

Mohair garments should not be washed by washing machine. If you must use, you can put it into the laundry bag, and slow the speed down to rinse. It should be noted that, mohair knitwear is non-ironing. When you don't wear it, you'd better hang it in the wardrobe. Avoid stressing, otherwise its plush will be lodged and its flash will also disappear.