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Immersive Point and Click Adventure It's a good thing that Nancy Drew never leaves home without her trusty magnifying glass! Try your hand at exploring the world, detective style. Background music falls so far into the background that it is easily missed and contributes little to the game. Solve the most personal Nancy Drew Mystery adventure! 3.8333333333333 18 Gift this Game Download game for Windows Download game for MacOS . Nancy Drew Games . Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies Thread your way through a maze of deceit in this Greek Drama! More info >> . Learn More. Louis with her best friend, Maya.


.. The twists and turns of the plot will stay with you long after the case is solved. At times voice-overs can become particularly bothersome, including when Nancy exclaims “Cool!” in a shrill voice multiple times in a row while examining animal slides. Voiceovers and music background are done surprisingly well. Bookmark PC Games>Nancy Drew Games Nancy Drew Games Be a detective and solve mysteries as Nancy Drew, amateur sleuth, as you play free Nancy Drew Games. Two Different Difficulty Levels This game has junior detective and senior detective modes, adding replay value and making this title suitable for multiple skill levels. Items can be gathered in the inventory for use later on in the story, so keep an eye out for anything that could come in handy later. Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen Unearth sinister secrets! More info >> . I am a New Customer I already have a Big Fish account Processing. When the magnifying glass cursor turns into an arrow, simply click to move in that direction.


Maya is nowhere to be found, and a sinister phone call confirms that the girl is in serious danger. Nancy heads to the concession stand while Maya starts interviewing the actor. When George's friend, Katie Firestone, invites Nancy to Deception Island in the San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest for a whale-watching excursion, the sleuth arrives to find Katie's tour boat heavily vandalized. Need help? Processing. Board & Cards Free download Board & Cards games for PC Baccarat Blackjack Casino Mahjong Poker Solitaires .

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