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Your Projects must be freely available to everyone. Riots Named a Best Company to Work For the Second Year In a Row Riot Rumble Our awards Our Engineering Tech Blog Blasts Off Riot Internship Program Will Draw for RP Riot Tours Setting the stage for MSI & Worlds On League's Business Model Riot Games joins forces with BAMTech Inc. We also ask that you keep your videos focused on our games, and away from overtly religious, political or other controversial topics. If you want to display a sponsor’s logo at the beginning of a video, in the credits, or give them a shout out, that’s great. IP Planner . If you share your Project with others, then you need to include the following notice so it is easy for people to see, such as on the app/web page where your Project can be downloaded: [The title of your Project] isn’t endorsed by Riot Games and doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends. Guidelines:. Generally speaking, anything that might have a negative impact on Riot, League of Legends, or our players is inappropriate. While we don’t support or endorse any fan projects, we’re often impressed by all the badass stuff you come up with to provide new content and services for your fellow players. Is that enough legal mumbo jumbo for you? No? Great! Read on for more! . Not-for-profit (unless otherwise called out in this policy!). 5 days ago eSports Editorial Patch 7.3 notesWith systemic follow-up out of the way, were zeroing in on some over-performing champs. 5 days ago eSports Editorial MSI 2017 UpdateMSI 2017 will be a 13-team tournament with representatives from all 13 LoL professional Leagues.


Basically, this means: You may not require any payment, survey, download (other than the video itself), or other action to access a video. So to wrap this up, here’s the summary: just follow this write-up to ensure that your Project meets our Guidelines, and keep it free for the community to enjoy.Thanks and we look forward to seeing all the awesome stuff you make!. Learn More Warwick Update Now Live The wolfman just got a hell of a lot scarier. Therefore, you agree that we can use, copy, modify, distribute, and make derivative works of your Project in any form, on a royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide basis, for any purpose and without having to pay you anything, obtain worms game apk free download approval, or give you credit. 5 days ago Patch . Respect other creators. A: Things get tricky when you try to make money using our stuff. Q: Can I use your download operation genesis full game free and art assets to make my free League of Legends app or website?. No Licensing. You may place a video on a website that has a paid-for “premium” account option, provided the video is also available to non-paying users.