dotHealth LLC is the company behind the launch of the .HEALTH domain extension. We have assembled a team of experts to deliver a best-in-class solution to the challenges facing the health industry and the opportunities that a niche domain extension provides for unprecedented security and access of personal health data.

Neustar, Inc. (NYSE:NSR) is the first real-time provider of cloud-based information services, enabling marketing and IT security professionals to promote and protect their businesses. With a commitment to privacy and neutrality (like you need with health), Neustar operates complex data registries and uses its expertise to deliver actionable, data-driven insights that help clients make high-value business decisions in real time, one customer interaction at a time. Or, in other words, they're the perfect partner for providing a secure registry for dotHealth.

STRAAT is in the business of building companies. With roots in the acquisition and development of real estate since the early 1980s, our principals began investing in technology in the late 1990s, and have combined those two areas of expertise into a growing enterprise - including the recent sale of .CO Internet to Neustar, Inc. for $109 million in April 2014. They have a passion for bringing fields like healthcare into the 21st century with disruptive internet-based technologies that enhance the experience of consumers and businesses alike.