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In the Desert, stand behind the column on the right to get sucked up to a hidden Merchant. There is even a little monkey that does nothing but follow you around, just for that extra bit of detail which can make the game really stand out. Reply Admin October 1, 2013 at 8:04 am Edit Yes! You Can Play It On Windows 7. But I feel that I must say.more like warn you about a specific fact that has not been said and is crucial. To download to your phone 1Use your mobile device and visit 2Select Quick Download at the bottom of the page 3Enter 858815 Aladdin 1993 SEGA Aladdin 1993 SEGA Free Download Throughout the game, you will control our hero Alladin. And most importantly, teach Jafar something about the business end of a scimitar. This hand-held version of the Disney flick mimics Prince of Persia with some of its moves, but unlike the former, it's definitely for beginners only. The total feel of the film has been reproduced with smooth character animation and a wonderful movie soundtrack. Aladdin is, of course, trying to capture the heart of Princess Jasmine and foil the evil Jaffar. Join them for adventure beyond your wildest imagination.


Games Arcade/Action. Although the animation isn't as spectacular as those found in the Genesis version, there are some really humorous animations, like Abu almost losing it at a cliffs edge, or the Genie hamming it up in his lamp. Aladdin's breakthrough animation and all the fun surprises waiting throughout the game make it an enjoyable play for anyone. 8There are many games based on Disney stuff. In this level there are several bonus items falling from the sky, which have to be caught by the monkey, without it touching unwanted objects, such as pots and rocks. Is it ever! Without a doubt, Aladdin will go down as one of the best action games of all time. One Step Ahead of the Bread Line Although it's a great-looking game with some good moments, Aladdin's not gonna be what you've been wishing for unless you're a beginning gamer. Movie in a Game Disney designed the game in the same manner that they would use to design a new movie. To defend himself from Jafar's evil hoards, Aladdin fights hand-to-hand with a sword and collects Apples along the way to toss at his foes. The later levels are really neat. Your Wish is Our Command Disney and Capcom are prepared to make all your video game wishes come true with Aladdin. Although the rest of the game is easy with maybe a few challenges to make the game enjoyable, this is the only level that is no fun, annoying and hard. You've Got Three Wishes As Aladdin, you run, jump, creep, crouch, and fight your way through the game's seven levels.

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