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free sonic the hedgehog game download for pc


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Although the misguided evil creatures are sharp-looking but standard visual stuff, Sonic is a cute little guy, who sports a treasure trove of facial expressions and body poses. Break through the wall to the right and stay on the lower part of the level. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are property of their respective owners. Just like always, 100 Rings equals a 1-up for Sonic. The CD version of the game isn't any more difficult than the other Sonic adventures. Because here comes Sonic The Hedgehog. Now rescue your animal friends from the demented Dr. Here's an old Sonic standby: Always, always, always keep at least one Ring on hand. ProTip: To defeat the Palm Tree Panic incarnation of Robotnik, wait until he steps back and retracts his arms.


Take a look at these awesome maps that when combined with our special techniques you'll send your Sonic scores into the stratosphere. Controls:A-Select Object B-Switch Between Debug Mode And Play Mode C-Place Item Nicholas Barbeisch posted a review . Cons: (10 characters minimum)Count: 0 of 1,000 characters 5. Excellent, excellent, excellent! 9Sonic is the best game ever to come to the Genesis. Game reviewDownloadsScreenshots 51Cheats 3Discussion 14. Try to jump up into them from below. Lots of secret rooms to keep you searching while progressing through the game.


Of course, Sonic's more than happy to save the day, and in his latest adventure (Sonic's first on disc) he makes saving the day an adventure well worth having. Sonic can also collect 100 rings throughout the game to get an extra life. Be aware of the many hundreds of tubes scattered about the level, along with rocket powered gun-like things that send you flying! Expect to go faster than you ever have before in any other Sonic game ever! This is truly one level that can give you motion sickness! Metallic Madness Zone Enter the final zone, where cylinders rise and fall, ready to crunch you - all the badnicks have weapons and all kinds of other defenses! Spikes are lined up all over the place. C'mon faster. C'mon faster. Watch out for the Electric Coils in the Wacky Workbench Zone. To spice up the action even further, Sonic's gotta do a little time travelin' to beat the game and see the real ending. The game was released for many platforms, including computer, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 3 and Xbox360. Once you've created a gap in Robotnik's Shield, it only takes one direct hit to destroy him. This is one of those games that you have to own.


Rocky Rodent is a platform game with 6 levels with multiple stages, similar to a cross between Sonic the Hedgehog and S . The music is what really draws me to the game. To reach the Past, simply search for one of these signs, and then turn it. There's never been anything like it. Get speedy with portable Sonic. Games Arcade/Action. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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