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You can resume your training workout by tapping the "START" button again. * After installing the app, you must set up the sport device (SSE-BTR1) and app. Listening to music and receiving audio tips will make training more fun and efficient! You can also start the training session from the app by selecting either "Start training" (located in the bottom of the training menu screen) or smartmag 11 0 software download (on the app menu). Then enter the required information (current level, gender, age, training frequency, etc.) so that you can perform the training plan which is automatically created with six time periods ("speed training", "running", etc.) pre-defined via Smart B-Trainer. Fix in Music Library Close v . RELATED TOPICS Health & Medicine Fertility Pregnancy and Childbirth Diseases and Conditions Women's Health Teen Health Menopause RELATED TERMS Fertility Nightmare Epidemiology Oral contraceptive Pregnancy Evidence-based medicine Print Email Share Related Stories Health Apps and the Sharing of Information With Third Parties Mar. Journal Reference: Marguerite Duane, Alison Contreras, Elizabeth T. You can move between songs (go to the next song or previous song) using the / buttons of the google's speech recognition software download device (SSE-BTR1).