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nice 1 Posted: 23 November 2011. awesome. Ltd. it was a nice experience & truly siad by this kudli 1 Posted: 10 October 2011. thisis very ood 1 Posted: 22 August 2011. this is very good s/w to use nice.


good 1 Posted: 16 January 2014. best 1 Posted: 04 January 2016. its easy for a lay man to go through and understand and helpful 1 Posted: 22 September 2015. i have installed astro-vision , i found this is very good program . your softwear is good no1 1 Posted: 18 September 2011. its a nice astrology software. excellent. very good 1 Posted: 03 October 2015.


the chart and the predictios are super. as per the general opinion yours is good i my self trying to learn.i can not follow english properly.if it is telugu i can understand in better. 1 Posted: 28 April 2014. excelent 1 Posted: 25 January 2015. it is one of the god service. very useful 1 Posted: 07 April 2015. this is very good asto software plz use it . Using the Horoscope Explorer, you will be able to access a plethora of different horoscopes which is tailor-made for every individual.You can also resort to different types of charts whenever you require them. i want to know about my life career so kindly send my astrology 1 Posted: 15 February 2015. this is an excellent software, and there is an additional advantage to the clients.


i am satified 1 Posted: 24 November 2012. my horoscope is correct sir rasi & amsam 1 Posted: 24 April 2012. good Himanika Posted: 29 November 2016. it is a good program 1 Posted: 16 June 2014. gud job i like it 1 Posted: 23 July 2011. vert excellent and correct timension inour astro 1 Posted: 01 August 2012. nice 1 Posted: 09 May 2014. exellent preparation for beginners.

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