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With its attendance machine software free download and well realized graphic interface, the game can be handled without . Requires Win98 or later, DirectX 8.1 & 3D graphics card. Review/screenshot 2.01MB Babylon 5: I've Found Her A 3D space combat simulator based off the Sci Fi TV series, Babylon 5; features multi-player & 1-player modes, training campaign, 3 extra missions (8.66MB), multiple camera views, HUD, superb 3D graphics, and more. All of these games are 100% compatible with this system. Requires Pentium III 500MHz, 3D video card (8MB min), & DirectX7. License: Free OS: Windows XP Language: EN Version: 1 Download Battleship Game World War Also called Battleship Game World War 2, this software game is a naval strategy game drawn from the World War. The scenes are very well shaped, . Download Free Windows XP PC games for kids, girls and boys. All Rights Reserved .


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