Major Difference Between Commercial and Household Juicer

Major Difference Between Commercial and Household Juicer

Juicer was invented in 1930 by Dr. Norfolk Walker, who was known for being the world's first juicer, known as the father of the active commercial juicer. On this basis, later by the designers to improve the different styles and different principles of the juicer.


The commercial juicer is the use of mechanical methods to squeeze fruit or vegetables into juice. There are several types of juicer, the more common one is the household juicer and commercial juicer. The commercial juicer is a universal fruit juicer, single-cylinder juicer, double-cylinder commercial juicer, three-cylinder commercial juicer. According to the use is divided into a hot and cold juicer, single cold juicer and single juicer.


The Difference Between the Juicer and the Commercial Juicer


In fact, household juicer and commercial juicer in the usual name is not too strict distinction. Because they are almost the same function, but some of the details and parameters are not the same.


Household Juicer: cheap, brand, product market mature


These juicers in the market can be described as very rich, mature products, cheap, many brands, the choice of room is very large.


Household Juicers in addition to the choice of many brands, the price is very cheap. Open the electricity business website, a treasure, search the juicer, according to the price order, the cheapest dozens of dollars can buy the juicer.


Household Juicer is the main function of the juice, start the machine, the knife net high-speed rotation, the fruit and vegetables and other crushing, while the role of centrifugal force, the pomace fly out of the knife into the slag box, and juice piercing the knife net Into the cup.


In addition, with the changing needs of consumers, today's juicer function is also very much, including meat, and noodles, eggs, crushed ice, oil and so on, greatly enriched the use of juicer and use Range, many families in addition to juicer juice, crushed ice, meat is also more commonly used function.


Juice function to retain more nutrients, high juice rate


In addition to being able to keep the nutrients in the fruit well, the commercial juicer has a characteristic that the juice is high, and the juice squeezed out by the same fruit commercial juicer is more than the juicer, and the juice is more even more intense. In addition to the juice rate, commercial juicer also has a very good filter effect.


These are the most fundamental differences between a household juicer and commercial juicer.

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