How to Choose the Perfect Living Room Curtain?

How to Choose the Perfect Living Room Curtain?

Summary: Curtains are a necessity for every door and window as it separates you from the outside world. It protects your home from the bright rays of the sun and also helps to insulate. The look of your curtain also reflects your living standard, therefore, you should choose a curtain that meets all your requirements.


Curtains are an important part of every home as it adds beauty to the room and offer a sense of privacy but you should know that there are many types of curtains made from many different fabrics, with diverse prints and have different functionalities therefore before choosing any curtain for your home you should consider the look of your home and your requirement for the best living room curtains.


COLOR: First of all you should have an idea of what look good on your home and what does not. The theme and concept of your home also matter a lot as you curtains may never merge with the color of home décor. Warm shades like red, yellow and pink add life to a quiet room. Cool colors such as grey, white, and blue give the room a soft look which is ideal for bedroom or dining space. Green and brown colors add a pleasant natural tone. The key is to pick the color that creates a perfect ambience in the space and also complementing the other colors already in the room.


PRINTS: The theme of your room whether it’s traditional or modern should blend with the prints you choose. Paisley prints and ethnic motifs give a traditional touch while bright colors with abstract designs give a modern look.


LENGTH: If you have a small short window, longer curtains will visually lengthen a window and add perceived height. The formal look can be achieved with curtains that drape to the floor. Short curtains usually offer a casual fee, therefore more suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.


LIGHT CONTROL: If you want the light to enter your room, you should choose laces or sheers as they produce a wonderful effect of light and shadows which also work well if you are layering fabrics. Blackout curtains are an ideal choice for insulation and for creating a dark and murky look.


HANGING: You can use rods for heavy curtains to create perfect wavy formations. For light-weight curtains, you can hang them on wires and ropes according to your taste.


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