WordPress Education Courses Plugins and Their Review

WordPress Education Courses Plugins and Their Review


Hi to all dear buddies! All of us know that WordPress is one of the best content management systems. You can add a variety of plugins to enhance the functionality of WordPress websites or blogs. It will take a few minutes and a couple of clicks to add plugins to your website or blog powered by WordPress. We have done a brief research on WordPress plugins. In this post we will discuss about WordPress education courses plugins and their review.

1) Class Blogs
The plugin of Class Blogs is used to make the process of blogging easy. It accomplishes this purpose by making it easy to seek, organize and do analysis of work done by students.

2) Digress.it
This plugin at WordPress enables you to add comments in every paragraph in the margins of a given text. Many educational universities are using this plugin. It is also used by government authorities and publishing professionals all over the world. Academic and scientific journals use this plugin for citation purpose in the form of a collaboration tool.

3) E-Learning Critical Thinking
This plugin at WordPress platform helps bloggers to make addition of questions, reminders, tips and notes to the sidebar of any blog. It helps educational institutes and corporate organizations to prepare effective proposals to create a better E-learning surrounding. It has tips, notes, questions and reminders on the sidebar.

4) Learning Log
This is a flexible and free plugin at WordPress with open source features. It provides learners and teachers with latest functions to use WordPress as an effective learning app. It has an administrative interface for teachers to create learning logs for students and educational candidates. There is a possibility for teachers to make educational assignments for an individual or groups. This plugin tool carries easy ways to collect and conduct review of answers from learning logs. You will find private entry in this plugin for each learning log. 

5) Local Market Explorer
This WordPress plugin enables website owners and bloggers to upload content and data from multiple neighborhood connected APIs so that they can be presented as a single page. The various modules of this plugin have schools, activity for real estate market, walk score, local classes, colleges and local content guide.

6) M Touch Quiz
This WordPress plugin can be used to create many quizzes for exam purpose freely used in your education WordPress theme. It is written by writers with mobility and learning zeal in one’s mind. The interface of this plugin is fully user friendly. In this plugin you can give hints on the basis of answer selection. You can provide with a detailed explanation for any kind of solution. You will get the facility to choose more than one correct answer. You can specify all correct answers and display them. If any question is attempted for more than one time then you can specify this with the help of this plugin. You can make specification of point values for every question. You can also do customization of finishing screen.

7) Springest Partners for WordPress
This plugin at WordPress app enables you to create and generate a set of pages on your website or blog. It has a highly powerful API that provides you with sufficient flexibility while selecting training courses that are to be shown or displayed. On this plugin you can easily display relevant courses on your website. You can generate your own custom groups, pages for training courses that you want to show to your site visitors. This plugin tool makes use of advanced search queries to choose relevant training courses from other APIs. It is well integrated with the content management system of WordPress.

Conclusion:- Educational plugin tools at WordPress templates can give you many advantages if you are an educational professional or student. These plugins make the process of learning flexible and easy.