Five Reasons why your computer is slow

We do a host of things with our computers; such as download programs, surf the web, install extensions, create files and folders on the hard drive etc. Eventually, we build up virtual debris which then starts impacting our PC’s overall performance – resulting in the system getting slower and slower. Well, there’s good news! Asa lot of that impact can be reduced with better computer hygiene habits.

Reason 1 – Your internet browser has multiple Add-ons

A lot of times, a browser add-on or plug-in gets discreetly bundled and downloaded with software from the internet. These call themselves pop-up blockers, but they actually end up eating away on your computer memory – leading you to call for pc support.

FIX IT by deactivating or removing the browser extension and toolbars, which are redundant.

Reason 2 –Your computer is running multiple programs at a time

A lot of times we can resolve the issue of your computer slowing down without a computer repair or a Laptop repair. For that we should avoid running too many programs simultaneously. If some of the active programs are stripping the memory of other programs in the background, your system can be slow.

FIX IT by not keeping a lot of windows open or active at the same time.

Reason 3 –Rogue Programs

Rogue programs are applications which are stuck in a loop or have encountered an error in the background, without your notice.

FIX IT by opening the task manager (Clt+Alt+Del) and clicking on the CPU tab to see how much processing power is being taken by a program. If there’s a program which you are not working on, and it is taking a lion’s share of the CPU power, quit it.

Reason 4 –Too many startup programs

When you download a new program or software, it often by default sets itself to start whenever the system is turned ON. If you fail to uncheck that box during installation or later in the settings, it may eat into your memory every time you turn on your computer or laptop. Too many icons on the desktop can also sometimes slow the system.

FIX IT by disabling the required program at start-up when the system boots up.

Reason 5–Your hard disk is full

A lot of times you want to call for Fix my computer or simply opt for pc support without the most imminent reason of your system’s slow speed. Hard drive space is often full of unwanted or unused programs, updates, downloads, temporary files and associated files of deleted programs, thumbnails etc. These then start impacting the speed of your computer or laptop.

FIX IT by Cleaning your computer or laptop occasionally can rid you off this inconvenience. Move system backups etc to external hard disks and empty the space. Delete thumbnails and temp files from time to time. This will optimize your disk space substantially.

Computer repair or Laptop repair is no big deal these days. There is plenty of online technical support available – Newlite Technical Services who take care of all your problems like the one discussed above.

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