Airbus A320 Mcdu Software Download

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airbus a320 mcdu software


Airbus A320 Mcdu Software Download



















































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If it is more old then your airline sucks and you should contact me and let me know which airline so I can avoid flying with them! Seriously, if the MCDU in your airplane is more old, then the keys will be in different locations, some may be labeled differently, and the screen may lack colors or may have some things a bit different, but the basic operations will be very close. The middle section is the lesson body, which contains all the content of the lesson. The exception is lesson 1: Check & Start. Help support our project Thank you for your interest in making a contribution. Fortunately this bug does not exist in Chrome or Chromium, so these browsers are recommended for use with this MCDU device. The lessons have been split into tabbed groups, making it easier for you to return to your place between sessions. In lieu of making a donation, please consider reserving a copy of our upcoming book instead (no payment is requested until the book is ready to ship). But unfortunately we're also famous for how slowly we can make updates. What's up with that? Your browser might be set to display fonts more large or more small.

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