3 less visited beaches you must check during your vacation in St. Thomas

3 less visited beaches you must check during your vacation in St. Thomas

St. Thomas, a popular destination in Virgin Islands, attracts many tourists every year for the beautiful beaches. Although the best beaches of the Caribbean are located here, tourists usually limit their activities to the well known ones only. If you are interested to visit off-the-beaten paths, know the following destinations which you should include to the St. Thomas All Inclusive vacation packages.

Visit the Vessup Beach:

This beautiful beach is located at the east end of St.Thomas and it is one of the most favorite destinations for local people here. However, the place attracts tourists who are fond of several water sports too. At two extreme ends of this beach, you will find a lively bar as well as a club. Another unique feature of this beach is, it is divided into two parts by the Rocky Point.

The two parts of Vessup beach have their distinctive features. In one part, you will get every amenity. You can get plenty of kayaks also on rental basis. But, some tourists do not prefer this part of the beach due to presence of seaweeds. The other part of Vessup beach is cleaner and famous for white sand. However, all amenities required for water or beach sports may not be available here. In addition, from each section of the beach, ferry service is available. Thus, during a trip to this place, you can visit the neighboring islands too. The beach is located in easily convenient location.From any St. Thomas hotels, you can visit here.

Scott beach:

This is a really little beach located at the southern end of St. Thomas. However, the place is not visited by too much locals also. You will find that the beach is just few hundred meters long, but covered with clean white sand. A mangrove lagoon as well as a coral reef is also located near the beach. Thus, snorkeling at this place will be an excellent experience.

The Scott beach is located at an easily convenient place. Unlike other famous beaches in St. Thomas, this beach is not at all shady. So, prepare yourself well to face the Caribbean sun if you are going to take a day trip to this place. The surfing may become challenging on the days with high wind. So, you have to be prepared for these situations also, before including a trip to this beach to your St.Thomas All Inclusive packages.

Dorothea Bay:

Hull bay is one of the most famous beaches in St.Thomas. Tourists in this island, tries visit here at least once. But, most of them miss the Dorothea beach, which is located just few steps away from Hull bay.

You will find this beach attractive because of its tranquil environment. However, the beach is highly rocky and surrounded by green hills. A trip to this place is worth during your vacation in St. Thomas.

Little Magens is another small beach that you can visit during vacation in St. Thomas. Being located near the well known Magens beach, it is also accessible from all St. Thomas hotels. A small trip to this place will give you excellent chance of enjoying the Caribbean nature.