Master G Gimbal Software Download

master g gimbal software download


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Master G Gimbal Software Download



Update Feature2015.08.29 Support for Handheld rig function control. Add warning notice when switching the receiver type. Update parameter adjustment interface layout. Diese Website benutzt Google Analytics, Datenschutzerklrung wie hier unter Punkt 4. Smoothen G2 PAN control. Supports hand held gimbal use. Added two flight modes: Panorama and Return to Center. Update parameter adjustment interface layout. Tilt travel angle can be adjusted through program interface (90 to 120 degrees). Consolidated gimbal parameter adjustment method. Reminder Suitable for Windows V2.2 & iOS V2.1 interface software. Copyright c 2014 ALIGN Corp.,Ltd. Added handheld rig receiver option. Adjustments for Pan and Roll are rolled into advanced settings which does not need adjustment for basic function.


Fix bug from some setup steps. V1.1 Updates 2014.11.17 Fix the bug after the file is being deleted. Themen 450er CP Heli AVR Projekte Blog Brushless Gimbal DSP Grundlagen Koax Helikopter Micro CP Heli RC AVR Projekte RC Elektronik RC Elektronik Projekte STM32 Projekte . V2.1 Update Feature2015.04.15 G2 default value : PAN Power 90 ; ROLL Power 60 Cancel G2 ROLL Follow function whereas Follow icon still leave on the interface but not allowed to be activated. V2.0 Updates 2015.02.09 Added BTH password reset function. Please refer to Firmware Update Procedure. Fr eigene Inhalte beanspruche ich aber das bliche Copyright; eine kommerzielle Nutzung jeglicher Art ist ausdrcklich untersagt. Please refer to Firmware Update Procedure. Die IP ist anonymisiert. Correct Panoramic Mode shooting angle and quantity number. Enabled manual control for follow mode. Added receiver option for Graupner HoTT SUMD. Please refer to Update Notice. If there is any irregular Gimbal performance happened, just simply point down Gimbal TILT or switch on Neutral Point Calibration then the gimbal can automatically neutralize back to the center by itself. Reminder G2 Gimbal V2.1 must be used with APS-M V2.1 V2.1 Updates 2015.04.23 Adjust some parameter default value. Add G2 PAN Endpoint Adjustment Function. Seiten Formulary Resourcen Willkommen bei OlliWs Bastelseiten Alle Artikel RCLine Artikel Kontakt ..

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