Cultural Bridge Tour- Connecting people with Nepali life styles, culture, outdoors and relaxation.

Cultural Bridge Tour- Connecting people with Nepali life styles, culture, outdoors and relaxation.

Nepal is undoubtedly a holly place where the birth of Hinduism and Buddhism took place thousands of years back. As the worlds now have been frustrated with the modern life style, chaotic development and individuality. Travelling to the world where neuclear family system is in practice, travelling to the world where religion is a way of life and travelling to the world  which is waiting for you to explore to give your knowledge to be shared is something different.

Visitng Monasteries , joining for evevry day cultural or religious procession for healing all those impurities people received from their ill thinking, people receive from the foods they consume, putting of their life into stress and frustrations because of their evevry day busy schedule. 

Make sometimes available for your life, spend some hundred dollors to heal your life to get it back to purity and to become natural by washing off all these artificialities you have been practicing. Take a trip and get ready to go to the world where you can see people living with limited availabilities but still smiling. To experience it, be brave to spend one night with a Nepali family who have been living their lives from traditinal farming. Try to experince, vibrant music played during the religious procession in Buddhist monasteries that is 100% pure procession of healing all those impurities blended into our body since years. 

Come with your knowledge and share those in the class rooms of  govenrment schools Chitwan National Park. You can experience mountain views from quite close in the second largest City of Nepal named Pokhara. Pokhara is beautiful touristy city where we take you for the activities including yoga to live Nepali music. We made a Trip called Cultural Immersion Tour which is blnded with Visiting Nepali host family, touring to the UNESCO world heritage sites in the Capital city of Nepal, Pokhara and lush jungle activities including elephant's back riding to observe 100 of endanger animals in Royal chitwan national park. Visiting, orphanage house, schools and museums and many more.

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