Why isn't my laptop turning on?

You always start your work day by opening your laptop. But today when you pressed the power button, your laptop does nothing. Awful, isn’t? You try rebooting it again and again, but nothing happens.


Don’t panic!

It’s very frustrating when I need to fix my computer and I don’t even know what happened. Well there might be plenty of reasons and we gotta find what’s causing your laptop to not turn on? So let’s start by some simple pc support techniques to find what’s wrong with the system.


Failed Hardware

One of the most common thing that fails start-up of your computer. Most of people fear that their documents will be erased, but that doesn’t true. Actually your hardware is failed and you keep your documents in hard drive, so you need not to be worried. You can choose to take your pc at a technical support service and get it repaired.


Power Issue

The first thing you should always do is to check the power cable and all other connecting cable. You can check the LEDs present on your laptop/desktop to find out that whether your system is getting a power supply or not.



You might have come across with a blue screen window sometimes or so. That’s a Blue Screen of Death, in which the windows shows an error message to restart your pc and even after restarting it several time it doesn’t start at all. Well, don’t worry that’s just a STOP ERROR, which will be resolved after a couple of start-ups. If the problem still persist, then get the repair done from a pc support service. 


Reboot Loop

It’s a loop when your window takes you to reboot your system just to show you the freeze window again and again. Sometimes the same problem could occur during the use of laptop, where you can’t move a mouse around. They may be due to driver update or any missing software. You would probably need a laptop repair and computer repair service if the problem still exists.


Left USB Drive or Memory Card

Whenever I try to fix my computer, I usually do it by removing all the external drives, be it an external HD, memory card, pen drive, or CD/DVD. Sometimes, these are the reason that causes laptop to not turn on.


Corrupted Application

The culprit could be your newly installed application. It might be possible that the application that you have installed is from untrusted source or is not compatible with your system’s configuration. You could try out uninstalling all newly installed drivers and software, and if nothing happens then take your system at a laptop repair and computer repair service.



In a day to day use your laptop encounters with several dust and dirt particles. It may be possible that the same dust has been accumulated on your laptop’s battery. The dust present on the battery terminal doesn’t let the battery to make contact. You could try out by removing and cleaning the battery with any soft cloth.


So, these are some reasons that might be causing your laptop to not turn on. There are several other complex issues that requires professional help. If our facing any complex problem, you could reach out to Newlite technical service for better pc support and other technical support.


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