Troubleshooting HTTP Error:405

Error code: 405

Error code 405 is a regular error that you will encounter on your Windows PC. Generally, when you’re trying to open a particular file or folder on your system, it crashes. The basic reason for this is, you’re using the wrong method to open that particular file. Therefore, you might won’t open a video on MX Player, but its software is not working properly on your system, so your computer warns you with error code 405. 

Symptoms of error 405

It’s vital to know more about your computer. Whether the computer is shutting down again and again, or the Windows is crashing -you should know the exact problem with the system. For error code, we have listed down few symptoms which can help you take the right steps at the right time.

Your computer works really slow

It crashes the active program Window

The PC responds slowly to Mouse and Keyboard inputs.

The Windows will display “Method not allowed”.

The error will be shown on a single or multiple websites repeatedly. 

Root cause of error 405

There can be hundreds of reasons for this error to display on your Windows screen. However, there are few basic reasons which if known, can be cured to the earliest. 

Corruption in Windows registry due to Windows change or update

Malware or virus has corrupted your system

An external rogue has infected your browser related files/folders.

Resolve the issue

error code 405.PNG

Step 1 - Go to Control Panel > Administrative tools > Internet Information Service > Countername > Web sites & >Default web site.

Step 2 - Go on “Default web site”(right click) and choose “Properties.

Step 3 - Click on the “Home dictionary” tab.

Step 4 - Hit on Configuration > Mappings & > add button

Step 5 - Now tap on the “Browse” button, select “Dynamic link libraries.dII” from the “Files of type”.

Step 6 - Now select c://WINDOWS/System32/inetsrv/asp.dII.

Step 7 - In the extension box, type “html” without quotes.

Step 8 - In the “Limit to:” button. In the box next to it, type “GET, POST” (without quotes)

Step 9 - If the “OK” button is grayed out, then please review your steps and confirm whether you have filled in all the correct information.

Step 10 - Otherwise, click on “OK”.


Now follow the instructions on the screen, and you’ll be done resolving the error code 405. For any other information or query regarding this error code, please fell to write your comments below. We’ll definitely revert in early as possible. Thank you!