Is It Possible That AFCAT Exam Preparation is Done in 1 Month?

Is It Possible That AFCAT Exam Preparation is Done in 1 Month?

As compared to the other competitive exams AFCAT is quite easy. With a little preparation or Good Knowledge Base one can easily clear the exam.  Cracking AFCAT exam is not that difficult. Good basics and conceptual knowledge will help you clear the exam. 1 month is the enough time for AFCAT preparation. This article  will prove to be very beneficial for you. In this article we will encourage you to follow preparation tips for preparation of AFCAT Exam in one month.

How to Prepare for AFCAT Exam in one Month

No doubt one month is quite short span for preparation of any competitive exam but still if you will follow the below mentioned points you will be able to get through the exam easily. The basic requirement for one month is the dedication and commitment to yourself

  1. Gather the syllabus and study material: Firstly you need to understand the SYLLABUS of AFCAT, and stick to it. Once you are aware of the syllabus get the right study material wither through online or use the content of the coaching institute. Once you have compiled all the study material preparation seems to be easy and managed. 
  2. Focus on Quantitative Aptitude: Try preparing quants and reasoning sections. Level is average, still you need to brush up basic concepts. 11 to 12 standard questions are asked in this section if you get all of them correct you can score well in this section. You can practice Quantitative aptitude from RS Agarwal book and AFCAT book by Arihant. The major area which you might need to brush is the logical reasoning
  3. Maths is very elementary : Elecmentary Maths questions are being asked in the exam so, anyone with a decent understanding of 10th level maths can solve most of the problems. You can secure your marks in this section if you are good at Maths.
  4. Practice Non verbal reasoning : This is also very important section for practice like find the figure embedded, series completion, Venn diagrams,placements of dots, odd figure out etc. Almost 27 questions are asked in this section and it's very easy to score in this section but only when you have prepared and practiced it earlier.
  5. Build your vocab : In short time it is not possible to learn vocabulary all over again still if you can watch videos on YouTube to grasp the words soon or learn words from vocab apps. Practice passage. It will fetch you marks.
  6. Take you Mocks yourself : You need not to take the test to somebody. Prepare well and Give time to yourself and try to complete the test in stipulated time it will help you keep a pace in exam days and will help you complete the exam in mentioned time.
  7. Refer the websites: For current affairs section use websites like jagranjosh, AffairsCloud etc.  for Competitive Exams. Now a days lot of websites are available that can help you in prepration of the exam.
  8. Practice previous papers: This is one amongst the best way for preparation as solving previous year questions will help you clear the exam pattern and make your speed for attempting the exam.

By following above mentioned points one can easily clear AFCAT Exam in last hours. It only needs dedication and commitment towards one’s goal.

Work smart and you will sail through the exam! Good Luck!!