The 1st day without you/没有你的第一天

Today, 1st of March 2017, we have discontinued as couple after 2 years and 14 days. Keep staring at Bob- Our teddy, thinking of whether do you eat well, sleep well and study well. I just realised I am so miss you, really miss you altough we have chose to be friend after decision. Both of us cried, because of the restriction, we can't move on. Sad right?I know... But I do not regret, to be with you, I am so happy cause I have you during this 2 years completely.smiley


2017年, 3月1日, 我们和平分手了。2 年14个月, 真的不简单。 一直看着你送我的熊熊, 想着你有没有吃好,睡好,温习好功课。 才发现,我真的真的好想你,虽然我们选择成为朋友。我们都哭了,因为某些限制,使我们不能在一起。令人伤心吧?我知道。。。但是我不后悔和你在一起,反而觉得很开心,因为这2年里, 有你很完美。smiley