When Michael Owen for Arsenal Teasing

When Michael Owen for Arsenal Teasing

Arsenal continued to exhibit something similar every season. They remained one of the leading teams in the United Kingdom and is in the top-tier.

Unfortunately, the trophy is still difficult to reach them. footballplayerpro.com There is no difference with the 2016-17 season. Got to be on top and is considered to be one of the would-be champions, The Gunners suffered a setback in performance in the Premier League even the Champions League.

Interesting when Legends Liverpool, Michael Owen, giving sindirannya to the Arsenal. He considers The Gunners as the most consistent team in the world.

"I think Arsenal are the most consistent team in the world. Everyone thinks they are not in good standing. But, they always are finishing a rating of three or four. Always eliminated in the round of 16 Champions League every year, "he said to the BT Sport.

"They're always the same each year for the next 10-12 years, is really the same. They always beat a bad team in the Premier League or the Champions League group stage. But, when the meet Bayern Munich, Manchester United, or Chelsea, the team will lose. They are consistent at that level, "added he.

Things above that makes the Manager Arsene Wenger could be left out of the team. What kind of development awaits Arsenal in the remainder of this season.