Innovative gift ideas for Easter day

Innovative gift ideas for Easter day

One recognized festival in the Christian religion. The festival brings in alot of happiness and excitement mainly for kids because they get so much of love and pampering from their parents and dear ones. We can make it more special for everybody who celebrates this festival suggesting innovative gift ideas for your loved ones, so let’s discuss what all we can do:-

1.      Personalized frames

Frame your beautiful memories you ever wanted to capture in a frame. This is the moment for you to make them realize how precious that moment was for you and for your family.

2.      Recycle Easter eggs

Take egg shells to recycle and reuse them in creating your own chocolate boxes and egg trays, by coloring them in the vibrant colors like pink, green, and blue. With this, you can also write nicknames or write happy Easter day on them to make it more of personalized item

3.      Champion bottle

A champion bottle is always a good idea to celebrate any occasion/festival and Easter day is just another reason for it. People celebrate it with such love, happiness, and respect that it looks like one lavishing grand party.

4.      Easter baskets

DIY baskets prepare a new basket from old waste materials.

·         Take waste ice-cream sticks and start pasting them with fevicol in the circular motion to get one round basket.

·         To make a handle of it; use waste plastic rope or layering of thick threads tying to both the sides of the basket; left and right.

·         Before placing anything in it, keep a tissue paper in it so that the item gets covered by it.

You would definitely see those happy faces after gifting such great gifts to your family and friends.