Diesel engine fuel injection parts

Diesel engine fuel injection parts

Diesel injection pump service is crucial in maintaining the proper distribution of fuel to injectorswithin a diesel-powered engine. Diesel fuel pump parts are internally lubricated so pump maintenance should be minimal provided clean fuel is used.Some maintenance that is typically required includes:

But when problems arise with the diesel fuel pump’s parts, what symptoms do mechanics and vehicle-owners notice, and what do these symptoms mean?

  • Spluttering at High Speeds: As the most common and early sign of problems, the vehicle will run well for a number of miles before jerkingand splutteringand then returning to normal.
    • Cause: A fatigued fuel pump not supplying the proper stream of fuel at a constant pressure.
  • Power Loss while Accelerating: Vehicle jerks during acceleration, producing a stalling sound before moving forward smoothly.
    • Cause: Due to the starvation of necessary fuel, diesel engines are incapable of responding to acceleration properly.
  • Sudden Power whilst Under Stress: When climbing an incline or hauling a load the engine loses power, cannot accelerate, or splutters.
    • Cause: Aging diesel fuel pump parts create resistance or fail when under stress, thus causing power loss.
  • Surging: Engines accelerating with no driver input.
    • Cause: As a result of normal wear, the diesel fuel pump parts might have irregular resistance and cannot draw enough electricity to maintain proper pressures. This creates ‘surges’ due to sudden increases in pressure.
  • Engine Not Starting: The most severe sign, usually due to drivers ignoring other signs, is that the engine will not ignite.
    • Cause: No fuel is able to reach the injectors for ignition, so no power is created to activate the engine. Check fuel line pressures and for blownfuses.

Additional causes of failure include:

  • Faulty Electrical Wiring:
  • Fuel Tank Issues
  • Clogged Fuel Filters
  • Low Fuel Levels

Any internal problems with diesel fuel pump parts result in a necessary replacement of the pump. However, shop equipment can be used to replace or adjust:

  • Idle & Maximum Speeds
  • Injection Timing
  • Stop Solenoids
  • Fuel Delivery Valve Bodies
  • Bosch – Founded in 1886, this is one of the world’s largest privately-held companies. Robert Bosch GmbH is almost entirely owned by a charitable foundation.
  • FP Diesel – Having blossomed from Federal Mogul’s 1997 acquisition of Fel-Pro, FP is now a global brand consisting of CAT, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, John Deere, and Navistar applications.
  • Stanadyne – Dating as far back as 1876 with the Hartford Machine Screw Company, Stanadyne offers a variety of pump and injector-related products and additives.
  • ProDiesel – Founded in 1959, ProDiesel offers Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Navistar, and CAT applications (among others).
  • Delphi – Formed in 1994, Delphi offers a number of injection-related products for light, medium, and heavy duty fuel systems.
  • Denso – Founded in 1949 after splitting from Toyota Motor Corporation, Denso ranks as one of the top auto parts suppliers in the world.
  • Alliant Power– Alliant Power products span a wide variety of applications and are backed by a 13-month unlimited warranty and professional technical support.

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