Configuring the Saitek Pro Cessna Rudder Pedals in X-Plane

The Saitek Pro Cessna rudder pedals and the other Cessna elements can be configured inside X-Plane. The initial time you connect the Cessna Pro Flight hardware to X-Plane, X-Plane will ask you to calibrate the units. It may take some function to program the FSX or Windows X-Plane profile, but the benefit is that you will be able to use each button, switch, etc.

Those who have CH Flight Sim yoke, CH rudder pedals, Saitek TPM quadrant and a stack of GoFlight modules to use with X-Plane for immersive flying encounter may feel some thing is missing. Some who had been not sure if they would enjoy using the pedals, ended up loving them inside the initial ten minutes of flying in X-Plane.

Pro Flight Cessna hardware is not marketed particularly for FSX and FS2004, but also X-Plane, Lock-on 2, Black Shark, Falcon four, real globe flight schools and now Flight. The X-Plan manual describes how you should assign X-Plane functions to your yoke, throttle quadrant and rudder pedals.

The gear is compatible with Most Significant Flying Games, which includes Microsoft Flight Simulator X Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 X-Plane Lock-On 2 Black Shark Falcon four System. If the axis are already calibrated and you could fly with fundamental flight controls, you may want to assign much more X-Plane functions to the joystick and/or throttle unit buttons, switches, sliders and so on.

After initially plugging it in and opening X-Plane, the simulator software program instantly recognize new controls and the user will be in a position to assign functions for all of the movements. Then FSX and/or X-Plane will still recognize the controllers and using the FSX calibration menu or, for X-Plane, the Joystick & Equipment. You will usually able to plan each button and/or switch, but with some limitations.

1 click here thing I would like to highlight is that throughout the initial movements of the throttle quadrant handles, yoke, trim wheel and pedals, only fundamental movements - roll and pitch - are detected by X-Plane.

Once you have assigned 1, two, three or more X-Plane functions to switches, buttons etc., they are kept in the X-Plane memory. This means, when you shut down X-Plane, disconnect the yoke from your Mac and start X-Plane, nothing occurs with these settings.

If X-Plane is up and operating, move your mouse to the top of the X-Plane window, and choose from menu Settings Joystick & Equipment.