Project Management & Budgeting

Timesheet software is used to complete the needs and requirements of the finance related projects which include reaching of some specific index or achieving the bonus set by the company along with those of the project management organization like software development for fulfilling the assigned goal in specified duration. An excellent feature of the timesheet software is that it does not require any particular type of learning or training sessions of employees and the organization can make use of the software soon after the installation. The only requirement for organization is the providing of web browser for online and easy access and they would be set to work.

Timesheet Management:

The managers can add timesheet open source notes to any project and also to the timesheet and expense sheets along with the approval or rejection of these. The process is quick and easy and can be accomplished by pressing a button after typing the notes within the provided box. The electronic timesheet is used for tracking and recording more than one project simply by adding new projects in the queue. Along with the approval of the timesheet the status of the timesheet is updated and notified to the employee who submitted that.

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Tracking of Expenses & Budgeting:

The expense tracking of the projects is become simpler and convenient while adopting the electronic timesheet which also helps in overcoming the errors of the traditional process. The budget can be calculated with the real time comparison of time and cost of the project.