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In summary - we're impressed. The format supported are: Wave, MP3 (from 256 down to 3 bitrate). The Plus Deck is a cassette drive that slots into your desktop PC. Got a question on the Plus Deck that we can answer in our next podcast? Call 020 8133 4567 or ask in our forum. One friend wanted it to record all the old demo tapes his old band had done to digital format. All Rights Reserved.


Instead, it connects using the special thinner 20-pin cable that is included. Before I get tons of mail about it, let me say that it of course is very possible to hook up a normal cassette deck to the line-in of the computer and record that way. This is actually what the Plusdeck is doing, albeit in a more user-friendly way. Privacy PolicyLegal Disclaimer . The cable is then connected to the small connection card that is placed above one of the PCI-slots.


Share tweet . Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply . The result was good. There's also 'Auto Cut', which, rather than copying the whole tape as one long file, can detect pauses and create a new file for each track on the cassette. Serial ports are normally identified as COM1, COM2, COM3 or COM4, and you can check out your PC's serial ports from Settings > Control panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Ports But what happens if your PC doesn't have a spare serial 9-Pin socket? Answer: You can buy a PCI card that adds two com ports to your PC - These are available from computer suppliers - We recommend the 2-port card available from Maplin. Handy when copying music. Installation Even though the Plusdeck 2 sits in a 5.25 bay and looks like a DVD/CD player, it does not connect using an IDE-cable. Reply robert marcondes April 24, 2015 at 8:42 am trying to get a manual for plusdeck 2. It is in fact as large as the largest DVD/CD drive.


This is what you can do: Listen to audio on either side of the tape (no need to turn the tape around) Convert audio on either side to a digital file on the computer. Reply Bjrn Endre March 24, 2015 at 6:33 am Sorry, its gone a long time ago. Products Inspiration Resources Advantages Find a Dealer/Contractor Catalog & Samples For Pros My Account Live Chat Store Sign out Customer service 1-800-307-7780 Close Menu . In short, it is a product that allows you to play old cassette tapes on your PC, record from cassette to PC and record music onto cassettes from the PC. It is also much easier to use the software to create separate MP3s from tapes or even record back to tape. We featured mp3 files and the PlusDeck in Show 11. Join our mailing list Browse topics Tech News updates .. Now if I only could find some of my other old mix tapes You can control the Plusdeck from the front of the drive as well as with software To test the ability to separate up individual pieces of music, I set it up to play through the tape and record everything to 192KBit MP3 files. After featuring the Plus Deck 2c for Show 11, we got hold of one from our friends at Firebox and installed it, as we were keen to start copying over some of our old classic radio recordings. Testing In my younger days, I used to create a lot of mix tapes with the hot music of the time (80s).

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