Why do Foreigners love to Buy Properties in Fiji?

Building a home need massive investment and contemplation for everyone. It is necessary to look at the connectivity, local environment, and other factors. People contemplating to buy properties from foreign countries need to know the guidelines and legal issues before jumping to purchase.


If you’re looking for a beautiful place to settle permanently, it could be Fiji. The island country has become a popular destination home buyers for a long time. The Fiji real estate industry has grown rapidly soon after the end of political turmoil. But the rate of the property is still low in comparison to other countries offering beachfront homes. People should follow the guidelines and rules of the island to avoid legal issues after buying the property.


Follow Guidelines in Buying Properties


The Fijian parliament has banned owning of properties from city area by foreigners. But, foreigners can buy properties from the tourist spot or hill station coming under the freehold land. It is mandatory to hire an authorised real estate agency to offer guidance and help in finding an ideal property. Take permission from the Ministry of Land buying more than an acre of land. A temporary residency visa or work permit is necessary to be eligible to purchase properties. Fiji property sales can fulfil your dream of buying a beautiful home at the preferred destination. The locals are friendly and greet the foreigners saying ‘Bula’ meaning hello in the local language. Several factors are responsible for making Fiji an ideal choice for a permanent settlement for foreigners.


Buy Properties from Approved Companies


Foreigners should look for buying properties from approved companies operating in Fiji. It is helpful in avoiding legal issues after buying a home costing thousands of dollars. Fiji government is urging foreigners to hire authorised agencies to avoid being cheated in buying properties. Make sure the property isn’t attached with a caveat, legal issues, and mortgages. Natadola Loka Real Estate is a popular company to buy your dream property at an affordable price. You can buy villas, resorts, land plots, and beachfront homes from the company. Contact our real estate agency to get help in buying properties quickly.