For my Liberal friends who are having a tough time with Conservative loved ones

For my liberal friends who are having a tough time with conservative loved ones explaining why you are so upset about a Trump victory.

(Not to be confused with Republican friends who get it, but agree to disagree on how to deal with).

Something I wrote to a friend today:

Congratulations. You got the President you deserve.

The guy who promised to swamp the drain but is filling in his cabinet with lobbyists and former corrupt CEOs.

The guy who is talking about a nuclear arms race.

The guy who appointed another guy as US Ambassador to Israel, who likened left-leaning Jews in America to the Jews who aided the Nazis in the Holocaust and then says he knows how to handle the Muslim world.

The guy who appointed another guy to deal with the environment who thinks climate change is a hoax.

The guy who uses words like n****r and has been in court for several times for racial profiling.

The guy who had been sued several times for sexual harassment and says things like grab women by the p***y.

The guy who doesn’t pay taxes and is cutting taxes on the the top 1% making the economy worse for people like you.

The guy who has filed for bankruptcy 4 times who now says he’s going to balance the books.

The guy who is blatantly using his presidency to continue to make money and is already in violation of the constitution before he even steps into the White House.

The guy who has open business dealings with Russia and Vladimir Putin and who Putin helped get elected.

So congratulations.


And also, congratulations you’re a f*****g bigot. You’re the very definition. Someone whose bias is so deeply embedded in your psyche that you can’t even see past the simplest facts, or have empathy for the people you claim to love who are impacted by all of this.


You don’t see how his Muslim registry affects someone who you call a friend.

You don’t see how African Americans have been dealing with racist cops for decades and that shootings didn’t just go up during Obama’s presidency.

You don’t see that the birther movement is straight up lies and cuts at racial and religious divides.

You don’t see how his pro-Israel policies are at the very heart of the conflict with the Middle East and will embolden ISIS.

You don’t see how your future daughters will be impacted by his loose morals and validation of ill treatment of women.

You don’t see past anything of the sort and in the end it comes down to the economy for you.

Well, congratulations and good luck when Trump fucks that up too.

I’m Canadian. In the end it doesn’t affect me.

I’ll go back to enjoying:

a great quality of life,

clean air, nice and clean cities,

working and clean infrastructure,

knowing I’ll have world class healthcare to take care of me when I’m sick,

will be provided for if I lose a job,

will have programs to help me find a good paying job if I do lose mine due to the great education the country gave me,

will be able to take paid holidays off to recharge,

can take time off to bond with my future babies, and

don’t have to worry about crazies blowing up movie theaters, malls and schools because our government doesn’t get involved in shit to drag us into places we don’t belong.


I’ll enjoy the US for what it is. A large and expansive land for me to enjoy holidays and soak up the sun, a great place for me to shop when shit is cheap because the economy sucks, and a place where new ideas can be exchanged in small circles with good people. A place where hope is prevalent and almost inspiring, but somehow tragically falls short.


I’m not going to write you off as a friend, because I know you have a good heart. But your bigotry isn’t something I’m going to put up with anymore.

And I love America. It’s my second and adopted home. But I’m not going to sit back and watch it rot in silence anymore. I love you both too much to give up on you and enough to call you out.