Research Proposal for Lufthansa Airlines

A research proposal to analyze Lufthansa Airline's new service concept of extensive cost reductions by means of reducing services being developing nursing standards of practice provided to the travelers.

The purpose of this research is to study employee and customer's reaction to Lufthansa Airline's new service concept, based on its newly adopted cost reduction measures in order to remain competitive after the events of September 11 2001. This paper defines a problem statement and study design detailing such topics as the proposed literature review and the population, sample and sampling procedure.

This study is of considerable significance for Lufthansa Airlines as it will help the organization redefine its business strategy in order to essay reviews improve its corporate image and to compete effectively in existing tight market situations. The study will help the company in identifying the factors that directly affect customer's satisfaction and thus will facilitate in providing better quality service in future. As the current market conditions are not much favorable for the airline industry, especially in the US market, which itself is a major segment, airlines are required to keep an edge over their competitors. Therefore, it is necessary for Lufthansa to identify the reasons for dissatisfaction of customers as well as the crew members and to develop strategies to remove this discrepancy in its service. In this way it will successfully maintain its image, which it has developed over years and will ensure its long term success and profitability.