How to Settle in a Fiji Island Permanently?

Are you looking for a suitable place to relocate? If you’re, Fiji may be an ideal destination for foreigners looking to escape from the city life. The country is situated on the Southern Pacific Ocean sitting on an archipelago of 333 islands. Only 110 islands are suited for human habitation, and others are barren. But, the barren islands are filled with natural sightseeing, hill station, and tropical forests. It is a paradise on earth and hotspots for honeymoon couples, adventure seekers, and relaxation. The country is filled with natural sightseeing that is rarely found in other parts of the world. Tourists fall in love with the beautiful natural sceneries available in Fiji at the first glimpse. Hence it has become an ideal destination to buy the top quality of properties for foreigners.


Facts of Fiji Real Estate Industry


The real estate industry of Fiji is growing at a rapid pace after returning to normal from political turmoil in the country. It is gaining investor’s confidence to make an investment up to 49% in collaboration with a real estate company. The Fiji Parliament has made amendment in purchasing of properties and issued strict guidelines for foreigners. Fiji property sales enable foreigners to get their desired homes at affordable prices. You can buy properties like luxury villa, apartment, resorts, and island in Fiji quickly. It is mandatory to hire an authorised real estate experts to offer guidance and help in buying properties quickly. Buying of property from the city’s area is prohibited for foreigners as these are reserved for the local population.


Buy Luxury Resort from Fiji


The rate of buying property is cheap in Fiji than other countries. But it is necessary to find properties coming under the freehold land to avoid legal issues later. Building a home is less expensive than buying developed properties in Fiji. It requires $150K for foreigners to get the permission of building a home in the island country.


If you want beautiful Fiji resort homes, buy from approved companies available in the country. It is necessary to get a temporary residence visa and work permit to be eligible to buy properties. Contact us to purchase properties at affordable prices in Fiji.