Andre Ward Vs. Sergey Promoters Start Negotiation Talks

There are not too many world-famous boxing today but two that are definitely in that class are Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev. They are two of the best pound for pound boxers in the world and if the rumors are true their camps are in negotiation for a fight to take place. It will be a rematch and one that will get boxing fans around the world excited. 

Ward is the w88sport bet favorite is the fight take place due to him winning the first battle between the two. At present no deal has been agreed but both camps think that it will take place sometime soon. It is a fight that boxing fans all around the world want to see and will make both boxers a lot of money so it makes sense for all involved. 

In the first fight, a rematch clause was inserted into the contract which Korolev’s team have now activated. It is believed that now it is not possible for any interim fights that either can take part in until the rematch takes place.

The first fight between the pair was a closely fought battle with Ward winning by unanimous decision after 12 rounds. It took place on the 19th of November 2016 and was a pay-per-view event on HBO.

Not long after the first fight, many fans were wanting a rematch to take place due to it been so close. Many though that Korolev won and it is sure to be yet another close encounter. The first battle was not as exciting as the build-up suggested it would be but if you’re a boxing fan you will of enjoyed seeing the skills of both fighters.

It has been reported that the fight will take place on the 17th of June at the T-Mobile Arena. It will again be a pay-per-view event shown on HBO. With the fight getting closer there is not too much time left to finalize the negotiations.