Kiddies and Cars: Suggestions to Keep Your Young ones Safe

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more kids are killed as people in car accidents than by any other kind of injury.

Several deaths and injuries can be prevented with the correct use of child safety seats and seat belts. NHTSA reports that not exactly 73 percent of child seats are mounted and/or used incorrectly, while 97 percent of parents feel they install and use child safety seats properly.

Listed below are some recommendations on child safety in and around motor vehicles.

* Never place a young child in the trail of the front air bag. Be taught additional info on our related site - Visit this web page: Young ones of all ages are best when properly restrained in the rear seat.

* Always keep a child secured in a child restraint. Make sure the chair and the harness straps itself are not loose and that your child is the right age and weight for your discipline used.

* Before stepping into the vehicle, look for children around the area, behind your vehicle and in-the road. Roll-down the window, when backing out and pay attention to hear if children are enjoying near your car or calling out to you, check side and rearview mirrors for children (or animals) and honk to offer a notice that you're moving your car.

* Never let your youngster ride on your lap. It is not only hazardous, it's illegal in most 50 states.

Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge service authorities offer these extra reminders for son or daughter safety:

* Never leave a child alone in an automobile.

* Keep the automobile based, including the trunk or hatch.

So children do not examine to the trunk * Keep fold-down seats in-the closed and straight position.

* Keep car keys out-of reach and view of kids. Get more on Kit Sitting Safe Releases Child Safety Seat Comparison by going to our staggering essay.

Immediately call 911 for assistance, * If your child gets locked in a car and cannot move out.

There's no replacement for having a child's safety seat appropriately tested..