The Rights and Wrongs of Using Bots like Osbot in Runescape

Botting in Runescape is certainly not something new and has actually been around the game was created many years ago. If you were to log into the game right now you would be surprised at just how many of the other characters are in fact bots.

Depending on the bank you are using, this number could literally be in the hundreds. However, is using a bot wrong? If you want to be straight to the point about it, then yes.

The problem with being so black and white about it however, really does not help. People have cheated at games and especially video games since the beginning and this is not something that is ever going to change if people are given the chance.

We cheat because we love that feeling of winning and being better than somebody else. If this comes from cheating, so be it.

The Advantages of Botting

Runescape has actually become rather dependent on bots or its economy at least. If all the bots were removed from the game, along with them would go all of raw resource that has been collected. This would result in a big increase in the prices of these resources for fair playing players.

Bots collecting these resources actually help to keep the prices down.

Some players that use bots are actually making a living from botting on the game. Others might just do it for some extra cash as well. While the game developers do not want us buying and selling gold, there is a huge market for it. So many players are prepared to pay for gold, so it is no surprise that others are prepared to farm it.

It would make it a lot easier if the developers just got in on the act runescape old school bot themselves.

Providing the ability to buy and sell gold through their game would net them a cut of the price as well as helping to prevent other players from being scammed on the black market.


Who knows if the day will ever come that buying and selling gold becomes an actual part of the game but until then there will always be bots out there getting it to sell on. Whether you fall on the side of thinking its good or bad, it seems like it is something that will never be stopped.