Family Psychologist in Fourways | Expert in Family Psychology

I have been a psychologist for more than 20 years and am dedicated to assist people of all ages to live lives that are masterful, powerful, inspiring and beautiful.

I assist people of all ages to overcome obstacles, challenges and pains that stand in their way to live life to their highest values and full potential. I will walk with you until you experience mastery in your life over which you perceive to be an obstacle, challenge or pain.

Families form the foundation of any society. I have dedicated my life the last decades to first build my own powerful family and secondly assist thousands of families to have the skills, tools and techniques to build their own powerful families. I consider all families to have the ability to be a powerful family, irrespective of the family dynamics. All that is needed is a clear vision for the family, the tools to unlock every member's potential and human behaviour understanding to understand and manage the family dynamics with love and gratitude. Whatever you are grateful for you will receive more to be grateful for.