Air Duct Cleaning Plano Texas

Professional air duct cleaning performed by a local Plano, Texas company since 2001. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) refers to the ventilations duct system as the lungs of the home, taking air in and blowing air out. Indoor air contains dust, pollen and other pollutants that deposit themselves in the air conditioning and heating duct work. When dust or mold spores build up, it can irritate people who have allergies, sinus or respiratory problems. The contaminants can be safely cleaned with HVAC duct brushes to release dust and high powered contact vacuum to capture it.


Our truck mounted system with specially made vent cleaning brushes and vacuums go as far as possible through the ducts, delivering the best air duct cleaning results. The dust and mold moves into our vacuum, out to our truck and out of your life.


Ø Visually inspect vent. Take vent cover off and look inside for problems.

Ø If vent is intact, feed rotating brush and contact vacuum with yards and yards of hose attached to truck mounted machine.

Ø Rotating brush designed for air ducts and specialized vacuum spin and pull out dirt and dust.

Ø One by one, brush and clean all vents in the system with dirt moving directly outside. .

Ø Clean vent grate and fit back into place.

Ø If you have fresh air filters, we can put those in for you.







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