Do You Use These Wordpress Plug-ins In Your Online Business?

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Wordpress certainly seems to be one of the website applications of choice for online marketers, today. When you think about this, it doesn't come as a surprise. Just about anyone can use it including installing, editing, and afford because it's free. It's not necessary to be a web designer, programmer, or really anything in particular - just your desire to use it. The list of available plugins is extremely long, numbering in the thousands. By using plugins, you can make your site do almost anything and look almost any way you choose. Downloading is done via the Wordpress codex site, and you just follow the instructions within the Dashboard and you'll be all set to go. Continue on to discover some Wordpress plugins that will help your online marketing be easier and more effective.

You can take care of all of your 301 redirects with the Redirection plugin. This is very handy also because you can track and log your 404 errors which is good to do. This plugin will help you with your site functionality without having to worry about pesky 404 errors, etc. It's really easy, just make your setting to execute a 301 redirect to any URL destination should your visitor get a 404 error. What's cool about this is obviously you won't ever lose another visitor because of 404 errors which tend to happen frequently. 404's just look bad and unprofessional, so if you're serious about your business you'll avoid it at all costs. Here's a great plugin for affiliate marketers - the GoCodes Wordpress. You can control how your affiliate links are shown, plus GoCodes shortens those terribly long and ugly affiliate URL's. And of course you'll be able to have more control over loss of commissions due to theft. Anymore, the people who shop online are very much aware of what's going on. They know affiliate URLs and quite frequently delete the affiliate link when they click through. With GoCodes this stops being a problem!

SEO Smart Links helps you make sure that the links within your website are search engine optimized. It will optimize your site links so the search engines will recognize the keywords/phrases you want your site to be indexed and ranked for. Then the plugin will find the instances of those phrases and create links to the same words on other pages. It's up to you to determine if you prefer links to categories, pages, tagged words, or even posts.

In the end, Wordpress works very well for internet marketers. It's totally free, and really simple and quick to implement. The version releases tend to be stable, and it's no problem to customize it. The fact is that you can get Wordpress to do whatever you want it to do. It's an IM marketers dream in so many ways.