Kids and Cars: Tips to Keep Your Kiddies Safe

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more kids are killed as people in automobile accidents than by any type of damage. Get more on by browsing our poetic encyclopedia. Be taught further on our favorite partner article directory by clicking

Several deaths and injuries may be prevented with the correct use of seat belts and child safety seats. NHTSA reports that very nearly 73 percent of child seats are installed and/or used incorrectly, while 97 percent of parents believe they install and use child safety seats properly.

The following are some tips on son or daughter protection in and around motor vehicles.

* Never position a child in the path of the front air-bag. Kiddies of all ages are safest when correctly controlled in the rear seat.

* Keep a child secured in a child restraint. Make certain the harness straps and the chair itself aren't loose and your child is the appropriate age and weight for the restraint used.

* Before stepping into the vehicle, look for children around the area, behind your vehicle and in-the street. Roll-down the window, when backing out and tune in to hear if children are enjoying near your car or calling out to you, check rearview and side mirrors for children (or animals) and honk to give a warning that you are moving your car.

* Never let your youngster ride on your lap. It's not merely risky, it's illegal in most 50 states. If you think anything, you will possibly require to explore about Kit Sitting Safe Releases Child Safety Seat Comparison.

Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge company professionals provide these additional reminders for child safety:

* Never leave a young child alone in an automobile.

* Keep the car based, like the trunk or hatch.

* Keep fold-down seats in-the straight and closed position so children don't crawl into the trunk. We discovered by browsing the Internet.

* Keep car keys out of reach and sight of children.

Immediately call 91-1 for assistance, * In case a son or daughter gets locked in a vehicle and can not escape.

There's no substitute for having a child's safety seat appropriately examined..