Idol Lash Reviews - What Others Have To Say

Idol Lash Reviews - What Others Have To Say

Hey everyone it is Megan again here. What I have gone and done is search deep into the Internet for the best and most honest user idol lash reviews.

This review page will give you a blend of all the users that loved idol lash, as well as a few others who recommend not using it. Hopefully these reviews help solidify your decision.
Nicole M – (5 Stars / 5 Stars)
“Loving these incredible results!”

For over 3 weeks I have been using idol lash and life could not be better. Just loving these incredible results! I have been using it twice per day when I wake up and before bed. Now I know the directions say that you should only apply once per day, well I definitely ignored those recommendations and I was fine.


Before I started using idol lash, I had pretty short eyelashes and they were not that dark. Now that are nice and lengthy and I definitely notice a difference for sure. Also as a tip to you ladies that do buy idol lash, apply your own black mascara on after and your eyes will look 10x better than they already do! The price is very affordable and there is no other product out there that even comes close.
Christine – (5 Stars / 5 Stars)
“Life changing results…finally!!”

All BS aside folks….idol lash really really works! It is just an incredible feeling to buy a product for my eyelashes that does as advertised and then some! Believe it or not, just a little after 2 weeks I started noticing thicker and longer eye lashes. I personally recommend this to all you ladies out there that have eyelash fobia. These truly are life-changing results and I have never been happier than I am now with my looks.
Val Stewart – (4 Stars / 5 Stars)
“Definitely is working for me..”

 I am an Asian girl that has very thin and micro-short eyelashes. I am also a skeptic for pretty much any product dat I buy. So for the fun of it, I went out and bought myself the idol lash product. More than 25 days later and I am really noticing darker, longer and more full eyelashes. Haven’t really had anyone come up to me that has noticed the difference, but I can clearly see the results.
Jada B – (3.5 Stars / 5 Stars)
“It worked…but Im not 100% impressed…”

While stuck in traffic one day, I heard an ad on 94.5 Rock radio about the idol lash. I went ahead and called in before I got to work, since they had a no risk free trial. I personally have ultra-sensitive eyes that get irritated all the time.


Now after using idol lash for a couple of weeks, it worked, but I’m not 100% impressed. Although I do not believe that I have astonishing “celebrity” like eyelashes as they claim on the ad and even their website, my eyelashes have gotten stronger and they seem to not get as irritated any more. I am going to try this for another month to see if my irritation disappears more and take it from there.
Marlina Demol  – (3 Stars / 5 Stars)
“A little too early to tell..”

I have gone ahead and given idol lashes only a 3 star rating because it has been over 4 weeks now and my eye lashes are not as promised in the ad. Now I will give this product the benefit of the doubt because my eyelashes usually take longer than usual to grow, but so far…not too impressed with the results at all!

So there you have it folks. You have now read half dozen honest reviews about the idol lash product that has changed my entire life. Yes there are a couple people there that had slightly different results than what I had experienced; however as you can see a majority of the people had similar results. Long and short (no pun intended hehe) if you are looking for a noticeable extension to your eyelashes that has a ‘celebrity’ like look’n’feel than get yourself the idol lash – you will not regret it!

Wishing you the most beautiful eyelashes ever!
-Megan Auger
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