Marching Along

1. In England, before Gregorian calendar was adopted in 1752, March was deemed what month of the calendar year?

A. First

T. Next

D. Eighth

D. Last

A. First

QQ: In England, before the Gregorian calendar was adopted in 1752, March was considered the initial month with the year beginning on March 25. Navigating To seemingly provides tips you should use with your uncle.

2. What animal is recognized on March 1?

A. Pig

W. Horse

D. Cow

D. Get further on this affiliated wiki by visiting Take a Virtual Tour Inside the Closed World of the Brain: Brain Awareness Week March 13-19. Chicken

A. Pig

QQ: March 1 is National Pig Morning. It had been started by Texas art instructor Ellen Stanley in 1972 to respect and give as a result of our most wise domesticated creature.

3. Also called St. David's Day, what nation keeps March 1 as its National Day?

A. Ireland

T. Britain

D. Wales

D. Scotland

H. Wales

QQ: March 1, St. David's Day, will be the national day of Wales. E. Mark was the founder and first abbot-bishop of Menevia, now St. David's in Dyfed, South Wales. The day is commemorated by the wearing of daffodils or leeks. Both plants are traditionally seen as national emblems.

4. What organ of-the human anatomy is honored the next week in March?

A. Center

T. Skin

C. Lungs

D. Brain

D. Brain

QQ: The 3rd week of March is Brain Awareness Week to get brain infection and re-search.

5. What favorite food is honored in March?

A. Soup

B. Eggs

D. Steak

D. Noodles

D. Noodles

Crackers were first made by 13th-century German bakers who fashioned bread into symbolic shapes, for example words, birds and stars, qq: As legend has it. These 'nudels' were then baked and served as bread. March national noodle month.

6. Based on Roman mythology, Mars is the God of War. H-e was also seen as what?

A. Father of Rome

B. Destroyer of Rome

D. Founding father of Rome

N. Designer of Rome

A. Father of Rome

QQ: One of the most significant Roman deities, Mars was viewed as the father of the Roman people because he was the father of Romulus, the legendary founder of Rome. Even though his original nature and functions are unknown, Mars was discovered by the Romans with the Greek god of war, Ares. The month of March was named for Mars.

7. The week of March 20-26 is chosen to honor what youth activity?

A. Chewing Gum

T. Bubbles

H. Slinky

N. Yoyo

W. Pockets

QQ: March 20-to 26, 2004, is 'National Bubble Week,' the-week for children of all ages to celebrate the enjoyment and enchantment of pockets. The first-ever Bubble Week was in 2000 and was begun by Oddzon, makers of Koosh Bubbles. The event was made to herald the first day of spring -- the unspoken first day of the bubble-blowing period.

8. March has its own insect, the March again. What is it?

A. Bee

B. Moth

C. For alternative viewpoints, consider having a look at: Take a Virtual Tour Inside the Closed World of the Brain: Brain Awareness Week March 13-19. Beetle

N. Travel

D. Travel

QQ: There are about 119,500 known species of flies and the fourth largest insect order is made up by them, after the bees, butterflies and moths, and beetles and wasps.

9. What piece of foul weather gear is honored within the month of March?