had I know I would my trusted him

my name is mary charles.the only child of mae parent.I am 17 yrs old nd about to write wassce.there was this guy in my class,dis guy is cute,tall and chocolate in complexion.the guy is my crush but cnt ask him out maeself so some mnth to my exam he came to me nd told me he loved me d very first day he saw me,den he told me dat he want d both of usto be dating I told him I will think about it nd I agreed telling him d nxt day.when I got home I could not sleep I was just thinking about him nd then I was a virgin.then d nxt day I saw him nd told him av accepted to b his gal dat day he told me to kiss him nd I did being mae first time,he kissed me deep nd I felt happy dat am nao a big gal.when I got home my mum told me dat she want to see me nd after some few minute I went to her nd she told me to be careful nd should ny date any guy dat dey all destroyer,she then told me dat she had a bad dream and I told her dat av hrd her