Erchonia Secures Zerona Distribution in South East Asia.

Recent FDA Approval Kicks Off International Expansion

MCKINNEY, Texas -- Erchonia, the global leader in low level laser

healthcare applications, today announces the launch of the Zerona([R])

body-contouring laser in South East Asia's SAARC. Erchonia Asia

will exclusively market and sell the Zerona throughout the region. This

new expansion coincides with the recent U.S. FDA-approval of the Zerona

Laser, a plastic surgeons tampa fl non-invasive, painless treatment that guarantees the removal of


"We are certain Zerona's research, development and proven

efficacy combined with our local market knowledge will ensure the

tremendous success of this launch," says Dr. Anoop Chaturvedi, CEO of Erchonia Asia. "The recent FDA approval for Zerona has triggered

expansion opportunities and opened up an entire market for developing


"We welcome Dr. Chaturvedi to the Erchonia Worldwide

distribution network and look forward to working together to bring our

life-changing technology to the people of South East Asia," adds

Steve Shanks, President of Erchonia.

The Zerona protocol consists of six treatments; one forty-minute

treatment every other day for two weeks. Zerona is the only device on

the market to prove its efficacy through a double blind, multi-site,

placebo controlled study, and is the only non-invasive procedure that

guarantees an average of three inches lost in as little as two


In pilot studies, Zerona has been shown to increase sensitivity to

the hunger-hormone leptin. This sensitivity decreases patients'

appetite, helping them modify their diet and portion choices going


In contrast to high-power and high-heat lasers, Erchonia's

Zerona produces a low-level output that has no thermal effect on the

body's tissue. Unlike the majority of other devices on the market,

its unique technology does not kill or damage fat cells but instead

creates a pore in each cell for the fat to leak out of and be processed

naturally through the lymphatic system. Zerona is the first painless

body contouring procedure to effectively remove excess fat without

harming the fat cell.

Zerona's external application provides results without the

dangers associated with invasive weight loss surgery. The Zerona

procedure is painless, has no downtime and no negative side effects,

allowing patients to remain active during treatment.

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About Erchonia

Erchonia is the global leader in low level laser healthcare

applications. Over the last 15 years Erchonia has been conducting

research and development with the world's leading physicians to

advance the science of low level lasers. Prior to market introduction,

all Erchonia lasers are proven safe and effective through independent

clinical trials. Currently thousands of Erchonia's lasers are used

daily to reduce body fat, eliminate pain, accelerate healing, and treat

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About Erchonia Asia

Erchonia Asia is a subsidiary of AVI Pharma Pvt. Ltd., an

independent entrepreneurial trading company which has exclusive

licensing distribution rights for Erchonia products for the SAARC

countries in South East Asia. Its mission is to enable South East Asian

patients' access to therapies based on Low Level Laser Therapy

technologies. For additional information, visit