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The use of the this new kind of bifocal is said to have benefits to the eyes. Many people enjoy less eye strain when they wear these glasses. They also help to improve overall vision, as there is no division or line in your field of view.
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Now Mom, who cannot adjust to progressive lenses, has two pairs of glasses. Dad's glasses are rather strong. The point is I grew up in their home, but now they know each other's new habits and needs much better than I do. Now it's also a question of trust. When I was a child, I would let no one else but Dad clean my bruises. Mom and Dad now rely on each other to a degree that I and my husband still have to reach.
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Cons: The glasses do not correct for mid range distances (computers, prices on shelves) and patients often have to wear a second pair of glasses for those activities. You also have a prominent line going through the lenses.
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The easiest method for a body detoxification would be to increase your intake of healthy fluids such as water, fruit juices and teas, just to name a few.
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I don't wear bifocals in the sun anymore. I use an old pair of prescription sunglasses without the bifocals and they're fine for walking outside, or driving since I don't have to read up close.
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Rest eyes. It is as simple as resting one's body after a day's work. Overused eyes exhausted from reading, watching television, or working on the computer also need some time to rest. Veer away from the screen or book for at least two minutes, walk around and look at refreshing images or sceneries, and then go back to work again. This rest, albeit short and simple, gives the eyes their much-needed break from heavy functioning.
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They both confessed of love at first sight that had the power to shatter different languages, religions, and social statuses away at one glance. There were hardships and sickness to go through, after that. Their midlife crisis was, therefore, huge. Ending it cost them all their savings, before becoming another cheerful memory. The smaller half of the money got them divorced; the rest obtained them a cancellation of the sentence within the same week.